DREAM Institute


DREAM provides classroom teachers with professional development to learn how to integrate theatre and visual art into the third and fourth grade reading curricula. All DREAM teachers are randomly assigned to research groups. There are three research groups - two treatment groups and a comparison group. All treatment group teachers attend the DREAM summer institute. Following that, the treatment teachers are divided into two groups: half of the treatment teachers work independently to integrate theatre and visual art and the other half receive coaching from an arts instructional coach over the course of the school year. Evaluation reports are available to understand the impact of the interventions.

Summary of Findings (PDF)

The DREAM project was presented at the American Educational Research Association's Annual Meeting in April 2011.

The Impact of Professional Development Interventions on Teacher Learning in Arts Integration (PDF)
Patricia Saraniero, Ed.D., Merryl R.Goldberg, Ed.D.

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